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Staff in PPE


In pictures: Resilience and innovation in the face of COVID-19

Meet some of the dedicated staff and volunteers working on the frontline during a global pandemic. Working tirelessly, our colleagues are ensuring women, men, young people and families continue to rec...

Healthcare providers in their PPE

Lebanon Association for Family Health (SALAMA)

“After the extension of the general mobilization and in order to provide the services to the most in need population, we decided to re-open the clinic. For this purpose, we are developing a plan for the work during the next weeks, taking into consideration the protocols and procedures taken in Lebanon. This will include an isolation room before the consultation and an assessment of the patient’s status and any symptoms that may relate to the coronavirus. In addition to all the precaution procedures including separation, our clinic was sterilized by a specialized company.”
Lina Sabra, the Executive Director of the Lebanese Association for Family Health (SALAMA)

Youth volunteers sort through medical donations

China Family Planning Association

The China Youth Network set up a donation working group and with the support of the China Family Planning Association and Hubei Family Planning Association, they received donations of menstruation supplies, and medical equipment. By March they had successfully donated 5,680 sanitary towels, 3,280 medical face shields, 1,200 hand disinfectants, 925 disposable beddings, 500 air disinfectants and some medical machines to 87 hospitals in Hubei Province.

Erbol, 17, is the chair of the youth committee of the Issyk-Kul branch

Reproductive Health Alliance of Kyrgyzstan

“At the present time we are using Instagram with detailed information about our organization and articles on sexual and reproductive health issues. We found new technologies and approaches to organize online meetings with the youth volunteers and planning of future branch activities through Zoom. It is planned to consider additional options in creation of channels on Telegram and Twitter because they are very popular among young people.”

Healthcare providers put together hygiene kits for local communities

Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka

FPA Sri Lanka assembled 5,000 hygiene kits to be distributed to promote and enable frequent hand washing, personal hygiene and menstrual hygiene among vulnerable women and girls with limited incomes. These women and girls include mothers, widows with children, families who care for a member living with a disability, and women and girls living in slums during lockdown in high-risk areas for COVID-19.

Healthcare outreach teams distribute contraception and hygiene kits

Family Health Association Iran

“To reduce the number of visits to our clinics, we made some changes in the way we deliver services. We provide counselling services through online systems and creating different groups for clients to provide online educational training about COVID-19 for them, as well as some components of life skills and SGBV. For the vulnerable groups including sex workers and substance users we distribute contraceptives, COVID-19 preventive packages, and food through the outreach team instead of static clinics.”
Zahra Fathi, Executive Director of the Family Health Association Iran (FHA Iran)

Outreach teams sanitize people's homes in remote communities

Sudan Family Planning Association

Staff at the Sudan Family Planning Association conduct outreach work in local communities, including offering to sanitize people's homes. Remote areas in Sudan with no medical services will be affected with discontinued mobile clinics services. Access to all family planning, antenatal care, and postnatal care services will be affected due to restricted movement. Sudan, as will many other countries, will be impacted by any decrease in activity in the supply chain for healthcare supplies.

A watercolour entry for a social media art competition

Santé Sexuelle Suisse/Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz

“With our Youth Network we created an artistic competition on our FB and Instagram platforms on issues such as masturbation, menstruation, coming out, female genitalia, pornography. The aim is to enhance creativity and make young people reflect about sexual and reproductive health and rights in a creative way during the corona pandemic. The aim was also to offer something fun and positive in this difficult time.”

Noemi, 24, is the co-founder and coordinator of Santé Sexuelle Suisse/Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz's youth network.

Volunteers make hand sanitizer kits at a SFPA clinic.

Syria Family Planning Association

When the lockdown was announced SFPA had to stop running their mobile clinics but recently resumed this service. To keep the health facilities open they implemented a new shift rota for staff. The clinics are also following an extremely high-standard of sterilization procedures in all facilities to reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus. SFPA started using social media to spread information on COVID-19.

Belmar Franceshi, Executive Director

Asociacion Civil de Planificacion Familiar

“The work we do is very important – despite being in our homes, we continue to work, research and look for alternatives to serve the hundreds of people who daily seek our services. It is one more challenge that we must face and will strengthen our actions, our interventions and the activities we carry out daily with communities, women and girls.”

Enusring client and staff safety with PPE

Family Planning Organisation of the Philippines

The Family Planning Organisation of the Philippines (FPOP) is working safely with PPE equipment to ensure uninterrupted access to antenatal care and family planning methods for women and young girls through their clinics.

Delivering essential healthcare to women

Family Planning Association of Nepal

With PPE and hygiene kits FPAN’s healthcare providers can safely engage in delivering essential care to communities, including counselling, contraception methods, safe abortion, HIV/STI care, obstetrics and gynaecology care and sexual and gender-based violence support.

Reaching local communities

Family Health Association Bangladesh

FPAB key health workers have continued to provide essential sexual and reproductive healthcare in local communities during COVID-19.